Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday

TGIF! With all of my midterms this has been a tough week. And yes, I still have one more midterm to finish over the weekend. However, after I finish that and the two papers I need to write and clean the house, I should be able to just read, knit, and anything else I want to fill my time on.

Two more weeks before my airplane trip to Texas to visit Jen's parents. I am looking forward to it this year. I am trying to get all of my school work done in advance so that I can enjoy the week.

After that there will be just four more months before Jen and I move down there. Her dad is so excited. He already has a place picked out for us to live. We will get to see it during the week we are there.

In the knitting world, I am almost finished with the first skein on this last baby blanket that I want to do for a while. On my other project, I need to weave in the ends to the afghan, then wash it, block, and be done with it. It is the first afghan that I have made for myself. After I finish the baby blanket, I hope to do some work on the sweater for Alyssa. So far I have only managed to get the back done. As soon as I get home, (posting from the office again), I will take some pictures of what I am talking about. Even though I know no one is going to ever read this, it is nice to have my accomplishments out in cyberspace.

On that note, everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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