Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning

It is always hard for me to get up Monday mornings, the start of the work week. I always feel that if I could just put it off, then my work week will go so much better. It never does. Last week I didn't work on Monday, so Tuesday felt like Monday all day.

It isn't that I have a five day work week. I wish that I did. I only work one to two days, and I go to school two days. However, the two days at school are also from 8:30 in the morning to sometimes 10:00 at night. So really, I do have a four day work week I just don't get paid for all of it. Even when I am at the office working, if I run out of things to actively do, then I "clock out" and work on non-work things. Today, for example, I need to take a midterm for my Budgeting class. That will be quite a few hours of my time.
The days just seem to drag on forever.

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